Proven Aviator Strategies

Aviator VIP strategy based on statistics

In Aviator, schemes are based on the study of statistics. This model of the game is able to bring the gambler to a plus even with a series of unsuccessful bets. The player needs to bet any amount and close the round with a multiplier of x1.5x1.8. Aviator crash app. A stop is possible at any time. However, the chances of the board flying off the screen at the start of the game are insignificant. Therefore, the player can wait for the necessary multiplier and close the plus. In case of loss, we advise you to recalculate the size of the next investment in the direction of increase. To calculate , you need to use the formula:

C = (B + N)/(K -1)

B is the expected gain, N is the sum of past losses, K is the closing multiplier. The 1Win strategy Aviator game can bring a good profit in just an hour a day.


The dominant Aviator scheme from top streamers

The working strategy of the Aviator game implies the conclusion of 2 pairs. The second one needs to be closed with an odd multiplier less than 2.0. The first one needs to be fixed at a yield of 2.0. The winnings from one round will be quite high. However, do not forget about the potential risks of the scheme. We recommend trying out the model with a small initial investment. This Aviator working tactic is also suitable for large investments. However, you need to complete the tests first.